A Pators Page-The Poem

He sat in silence

Like a sheep with the flock

The shepherds watching over the fields

He mmmmm

Like a child in misunderstanding

Ashamed and broken

Wondering and waiting for understanding

Not feeling good enough or big enough

Till he heard a loud voice say

You are the voice of the world


Share my words

He knowingly couldn’t ignore his masters voice

He slowly moved on to a secluded area

Fell to his knees and began to cry

Loud prayer being raised

Knowing he had to go on

Writing in dedication his feelings out to God

You see

Even pastors cry to

Tears soaking the delicate flimsy paper

He wrote his words

Writing al his emotions

Forming this pastors page

With dedication and soul

To this pastors page

Silence of a blank canvas

Now overflowing in black n white words begging to be heard

His silence gently shouting out and jumping off the page for God to hear

The pastors page

The beginnings of a strong foundation

A strong template

The voice of a pastors page

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