The Stories Of Christmas

Hear the voices sing

Carols all around

Voices fill the air this night

Darkness falling down

Sleigh bells ringing in the streets

Children’s play turning to rest

A baby born in a manger lay

His mother always near

For this what the angels say

A night upon the chill

Jesus born a king

In Bethlehem that day

Stories of Jesus birth coming from everywhere

Children awaiting old Saint Nick

And all his reindeer

The true heart of Christmas

Lies in the joy we share

Joy of the season filling the air

Momma and daddy tucking their kids in for rest

So that Santa clause comes to fill the toy chest

The story of Jesus told in every language

For not one single one matters more

It’s the story of Jesus that is most important this time of year

Hold angel’s choirs singing in the night

The spirit of Christmas is with each of us tonight

Holly and sleigh bells bring the spirit forth

For from their jolly presence comes the Christmas mood

Stars shining in the night sky

Voices in the air

Of every Christmas carol being sung at Christmas for all the world to hear

Share the Joy this season make someone a brighter day

For tomorrow is never promised

But through it you can stay

Stay at someone’s side and share the news of Jesus life and birth

Be the voice they hear

For the world beats us down

But in that blessed life shows encouragement above

For one who loves us so much more

He was born this very day

And gave his very life

To save all from sin and pain

For his story is the true meaning of Christmas

From the heavens above

The rest are just stories of fortune

People of all nations have found

To bring Christmas to life with stories of Santa as well

This wouldn’t be Christmas without it

It’d mean no important thing

For this very reason is the reason Christmas was beautifully formed in the lands

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