Miltons Day At the Hospital

There was a painting frog

Milton Mondo was his name

You learned about him in the last writing

Well Milton was very unusual

He had other things he did other than painting

He liked to help others too

But not in your regular way

For you see I told you in Milton’s last chapter that Milton liked to stay private and anonymous

Well Milton like to hide an watch the things others do especially people

Milton was very intrigued with the nature of people

You see he would watch others and see what they would do and what their actual actions are

So one day

Milton Mondo sat on a rock in a nearby thicket

He saw someone in the field next to where he was

This someone didn’t look himself

He was staggering in his walk

Milton thought for a moment

He thought fast

What could Milton do

For he was only a painting frog

This human was obviously not well

Milton knew staggering was dangerous in all respects

Milton Mondo quickly thought

He couldn’t see anything to help

But then he saw a child at play

Milton knew that children always love chasing frogs and trying to catch them

So Milton Mondo quickly hopped over to the child hoping it would play

He also hoped this could help

He hopped along the thicket to the edge of the field where the child was playing

Still watching this person staggering

The child was so busy playing

And he was so small

He knew he had to get this child’s attention

He quickly thought again

When he saw a Big rock next to the child

So he hopped to the big rock which was in the open

He thought surely this child would see him there

So he hopped onto the large rock and began to croak as loud as his little voice would hopping all around this rock

The child finally caught his movements out of the corner of his eye

So Milton only hoped this would work

For now the staggering man had fallen to the ground

Laying there passed out

Milton mondo began to hop as far as he could towards this individual till the child saw the man

So he hopped and he hopped

The child giggling and quickly chasing after him till they were close enough to the man for the child to react

Suddenly the child did see the man

He panicked and didn’t know what to do

Then the child stopped chasing Milton

And ran the other way again

Milton had hoped that the child wasn’t running in fear

So he watched the child for a moment thought still on the man

And his plan seemed to work

The child panicking ran back to his adults

Yelling for them to follow him

His parents asked The child to calm down

They asked him what was wrong the child didn’t know what to say just that he knew he had to get them over that way

So he continued yelling come with me and now pointing across the way

Till his adults finally followed this frantic child

They couldn’t place in thought what This child was so upset about

Till they finally made it to where Milton had taken the child

The child still screaming again pointed in the direction of the man

For now they we close enough that his parents should see

The parents looked across the thicket where this’s man lay

Seeing the man they told the child to stay here

Then together they ran over to the passed out Man

They assessed the situation

And began to try to try to wake this man

The mother got on the phone and called 911

Explaining that there was a man passed out and that her husband was trying to get the man unconscious and awake

They said someone would be right there staying on the line the child and mother watched father as he gently shook thee man

Finally coming to the man woke back up

And tried to stand saying he was okay

However in the moment he again staggered over

The father told him to stay down that he was not well

Still trying to find way to stand he continued

Medics and police finally arrived on the scene

They assessed the scene as they should and went to the man immediately as they saw his condition

They evaluated the man and told him he was being taken to the local hospital that he was not well

Milton hopped quickly into the ambulance and hid under the seat

They loaded the man gently into the bay of the ambulance

The man still saying I’m okay

The crew climbed in and began assessing and testing this man

Then they arrived at the hospital and unloaded the gurney taking the man inside

Milton hopped out while they unloaded hiding under the wheeled stretcher as not to get locked inside the bay

He went hopping along with the medics hiding so that no one saw him

The staff immediately ran to this man and began lab work and tests

They came to conclusion that’s this man was having a heart attack and stroke

If Milton had not have been nearby

The man truly may have died

Back at the field the child’s parents were having a talk with the child telling him praises of what good he did and that it was important to help others in need when he sees things out of the usual

You see we should always help others it shows honor and can change someone’s life

It may not always be a medical issue

It can change others lives in different ways

Helping others rewards both of you

And normally leads to the individual thanking the one who helped in time of need

Milton saw his good deed and headed on home again

But he was proud that he could help someone learn lessons and someone be safe

See we can learn our own lessons by helping others as well

So next time you see something unusual

Quickly inform someone and get help

It may change your life forever as well as theirs

Always be safe about it though

For you never know what could be

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