The Long Journey

In a little town so far away

He lay and rest thinking about his day

His heart beating fast as he thought of her once more

His childhood friend

His childhood memory

Not that she had anything to do with him in any such way

But his fantasy was to always keep her safe and be by her side

Though he never knew if she felt the same as they were always just friends

His thoughts lingering on her in so many a way

They spoke once more after several years went by

This was the time he’d keep this time

A beautiful angel or goddess she was

He he had no words

But charmed and seduced by her beauty he was

He tried for so long to try to show her

But through the time she only pulled away

Till this one specific moment

That very day they spoke

Now he was happy about how things had gone that day they had reacquainted

However now he was the one who was scared

Now he’s gotten her where he is satisfied

However now it brings fear

He doesn’t want to mess things up

This was a important moment for him

Life changing

He didn’t want to loose it

She met him once again

They talked over tea

Him silent with awe

That this was really real

For twenty three years she

Was quiet and only a friend

And for thirty three years she has remained his friend

Leaving the door open now for him to full open up and enter

Together they began to hang out more often

What started out as a quiet shy relationship was now a blooming one

But he now wasn’t ready for the reactions he’d been getting

And he held himself back in question that this is really real

His heart skipped beats

As it became six years now that she has remained by his side

This was the day he’d waited for

The day she’d open up and let him protect her and be by her side

Now into the new journey

He asks her to marry him

Expecting it’ll be too much

That it will change everything again

He asked her

Her response


Now he lay in bed mesmerized by that new day

Fear even more drawing near

But this is what he’d always want to hear

Love happened that very first time they met as friends

Now it wasn’t just a fantasy

This was really happening

Not some dream that he’s gonna wake from

He was ecstatic at the new journey he’s now on

True loves doesn’t always come easy

Sometimes you have to be pushed away and pull yourself out of love to wait and hope for better things

In time sometimes they work just right

Even when it may cause you fear

For you step out of your comfort zone and into cold waters of the unknown

For him this was worth the wait

Sometimes it is

May you’re journey be fulfilled

Just the same as his journey no matter how long it may take to get to where you want to be

The longer the stronger the relationship

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