Milton Mondo The Frog


There was a little frog who jumped in a pond

He sat on a rock with a paintbrush in his little frog hand

You see this was no ordinary frog

This was Milton Mondo the pond painting frog

He was not an ordinary frog who goes ribbit ribbit all day long

For he’s a painting frog

A painting frog?

Yup that’s what he is

He hops around many ponds

Painting the natural scenery of the ponds

You ask but where are the paintings

Well for a painting frog he obviously can not take the painting in the water with him

And since no one sees him painting

He paints his paintings then leaves them where he painted it on the local bench for all to see anonymously

No one knows Milton for he stays to himself being he is still a frog

But a painting frog

You see painters are silent and artistically creative

They don’t see as others do

They see and imagine things a different way

Many painters are introverted

So Milton was very private and kept to himself so he did his paintings at weird hours day and night not to have an audience or let people know who was leaving the painting

Each day he would gather his supplies and choose a different pond for each creation he painted on each a different day

For Milton nothing was ever the same

Each creation had to be different from the one before even if he seen the same place a different day

That’s the story of Milton the painting frog

So many of us get bored with life and feel we have nothing to do

Yet I tell you there is so much more than you know for like Milton he was encouraged by inspiration

His happy place was inspiring others through his daily paintings that he left for to make somebody day better

Inspire someone and it will inspire you and make a good day for both of you

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