The Concept Of Christ

Stroking his beard

Being a Christmas miracle

Joseph saw this child

Swaddled in cloth

On a cold winters night

From a single man to a father

He became

Unknown that Jesus was going to be the great I Am

Till angels gave the word

A new father

A father of a king

How could this be so?

Laying his finger aside of his nose

The thoughts began to race

To see Mary and baby

The beauty of life

To see Mary holding Jesus he cried

This had become the time he’d been waiting for Since God had told him about this birth

For in the night

With only little light

This child looked enchanted and surreal

He knew he was a true father

And his life had forever changed

For he was now a father of a king

A living miracle

One day to be a man

He did not know his son would save everyone

Or that this miracle would one day perform miracles

For he was just the perfect Christmas gift

Stroking his beard

Finger aside his nose

He said

For you my boy are the living son

Unknown to what that would really mean

As he himself became like a royal instantly

This boy Jesus is here

The concept of Christ

The miracle man

The great I am

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