My Christmas Beauty

Precious gold I see

Smile so rare and bright

No one but you gives yourself to me

Sparkles in your eyes bring sparks to mine

A precious gem

My joy you bring

With me you’ll go far in a walk to remember

Bringing peace to earth once again

I’ll be your bright Christmas star

Making me your new queen

Love a happy tale

Jesus is here

Brightening my star

For we both agree he is with us always

Love is in the air

Tinsel on for hair

Christmas baby born to save

You a miracle unseen

You dear are beautiful to me

My beautiful Christmas bride

My queen

It wasn’t Santa who gave you to me that Christmas Day

Sleigh bells ringing along our journey ahead

Christmas morning

Waking in your arms

The holly in the window

The littlest tree in the hall

Jingle bells hanging on the handle of the door

Angels staying near

And through it all you radiate your beauty

Merry Christmas baby

My Christmas bride

God bless you

You’re my miracle

You’re love in the air

I stand with you beneath the mistletoe

Embraced in passing time

Santa came down the chimney

Yet I did not flinch

For your extravagant beauty is all I see

Merry Christmas baby

Merry Christmas baby

Tears fill my eyes

In the magic you hold

A precious gift you bring

In amazement

Sparks fly

My Christmas beauty

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