The Gift Of Love

Like a little mouse

She scurried ahead

Black valence in her hand

She didn’t want them to see her tears as she cried

She hid behind a tree

Curtain in her hand

Putting her face into the felt

Wiping her tears from her eyes

Night began to fall

As she sat still under that tree

Guards and dogs in search of her scent as she hid away

Coming close she heard them

As she stood and ran again

She couldn’t let them find her this way

For surely the king would be informed of her moods she sees

The king

Her father

The princess of Riverdale palace

You see a grumpy king was he

Not even a song or smile

For a miserable man was he

Bad enough he shall see her valance ripped away

For truly a miserable soul was he

Lonely and miserable he became

From loss of his beloved queen

Left to raise the princess alone

She knew she could never replace his heartaches

Her mother gone

And a miserable man

A king

Two different worlds

Two different personalities

Not one the same

What could she tell her father

In absence of her mother

Nothing would be the same

Not a women to talk to in girl crisis

A man who never understood her

This change not easy in any hand

She had to find courage

Before the guards see her cry

The dogs scent search getting close

Running along she saw a girl

She went to her and asked her name

Young she was

Only twelve

Her twenty

The girl’s name Ivy snow

She was lost and alone

With no home

The princess learned of this

As she had lost her family

Killed in battle for the king

She had nowhere to go or call her own

The princess proceeded to speak well of her lost mother to this young orphan who was going thru the same

Knowing she couldn’t leave her alone

She gave her a royal place in royalty

Making her Ivy Snow of Riverdale

The guards catching up to them they ran headed back to the palace to hide inside

Her father standing at the gates

Awaiting return of guards

He saw the two girls

He asked what is the reason for this child to be brought forth to my palace

The princess responded

I made her Ivy Snow of Riverdale

For she is orphan father with nowhere to go

She lost her family at hand of your battles

Feeling the heartache of lost once more

The king felt sorrow for such a young child

A young soul

He apologized for her lonely loss

Saying that he understood

He accepted her as his own

As his daughter

Hoped he would

Together healing began

The king feeling purpose could smile again

Hope brought back to his eyes

Song brought back out of account of his hope

A kingdom once lost brought back to life

And Ivy Snow proclaimed by the king as Princess Ivy Snow and Princess Ebony Rose of Riverdale palace

Making a miserable man

A king

Have hope again

Peace overcame that bitter soul

For purpose of loss of the same

Was brought forth in pain

You see when misery is in the air

Love heals what wasn’t there

Even in the deepest darkest of places

Within our mind

The gift of love makes even misery shine

So next time a miserable man comes your way go to him and tell him in love it will be okay

Worst could be he walks away

But at least you put out efforts to revive someone’s heartaches and misery

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