Loving You More Than Words Can Say

A street of dreams broken in two

For in your faults

I still love you

Living without you I can not see

Fore I love you more than words could say

More than an orchid that lives in beauty

Loving you is all I see

Love under the moonlight

For I was reaching for the moon

Because I love you to the moon

Stars encircling our love

As I live in you

All set within the heart

I live


And laugh

Within your beauty

Once more

Brushing your feet at the door

Your are the night sky

Sunshine without rain

Together we reach for the stars

Seeing the passions in your eyes

I got you and you got me

Together forever

We shall always be

Trolly travels a life in journey

You in me and me in you

I got you and you got me

I got me and you’ve got you

Together we run in paradise

The eversense of life

The innocence of love

No one can measure up to your limits

For all my love forever grows in you

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