A New Life

River running free

Bringing out the nature in me

Butterflies shimmer in the sun

Dragons in the dawn flying overhead

Sun coming up brightening the lands

Breeze bringing out the whispers in the winds

This is a new world I see

It’s a new life coming over me

Sleeping in the peace now within me

It’s a new life ahead

Scent of the dawn on the flowers

Caught in the breeze

As the dew begins to cover all the earth

This is a new life for me

Peaceful dreams filling the path

That lead back to you in time

A song of freedom

In this I see

This the peaceful freedoms in me

It’s supernatural in delight

I hear music when I think of you

I melt in my steps

Slipping in the sunlight

Sun is sweet music is true

Watching you in dance I become charmed

The words speak truth

Songs of love

Stars fill the sky

Bright in the night

I was a fool before

But that life wasn’t me

I find a life where I am free

Prayers released

No more burdens I carry

My faith is strong

This is a new life for me

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