Fighting For Life-A Soldiers Moments

In the moments
Heat rising
Sweat boiling down his neck
He feels the rush
And the movements
Though he still moves at full force
Sweat pouring over his face
For he knows this could be intended for more
A soldier lays helpless on the floor
His hand grasped around his chest
Weapon still in hand
He knows at any moment the could awake and it’d be his own last breath
Putting his own life at stake
he reaches for the gun
His only chance of escape
Intertwining fingers lifting and prying away as his breathing becomes rapid and racing away
This is his last chance for becoming a real man
He grabs the gun and radio too
For he knows he must do all he can do for saving this soldier who lays lifeless on the floor
So he turns the radio to channel twelve
Sending out signal for help
Knowing that he had to run before he’d be found
For enemies or not he’d fall in blame
When in the distance he hears a sound as he turns to face away there stands a child in tears and alone
He knows he has to run towards the sound but what will come of the child with no family or home
He whispers shhh and picks the child up
Who’s crying and alone
And takes that child also towards the sound
He shoots a flare gun high in the sky
Knowing that this could save their lives
A helpful chopper of his own kind is seen on the horizon and heard nearby
In this moment it was time to pray
For this was his moments of life and death for he and the little child he picked up along the way
The moments of fear only one going through can describe
Sweat now soaking even his clothes as fear wonders if they will be saved
For even the chopper ahead still has a fight for life to clear way and get to him
And what to come of the child
Moments of fear rush in again
The chopper makes it overhead
And drops a net for him to safely climb aboard
He lifts the child above his head as he climbs and safely makes it inside
safely in the chopper he thanks God and is glad to be going home again safe and with friends
In the moments unseen and freedom found

When we find ourselves in dangerous but desperate situations we tend to take to drastic measures and our thoughts race and hearts beat and we begin to face our fears sometimes in our very own life and death situations fears are never easy to surpass but easier to release in the end when all moments clearly seen and despair has been cleared emotions scrambling and bringing out to show your own true colors of your soul sometimes measures to save all being helpful is not always easy and sometimes can be very scary to face but helping someone always shows honor and brings comfort in the end

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