A Story Of Thanksgiving- A children’s story

Moto the Tiger

He was only three

And he was learning to ride a bike

A tiger on a bike you say

Well this tiger wasn’t just any tiger

He was a curious circus tiger

He was learning to ride a bike

When suddenly a beam broke

It fell from the tent

Headed right for the monkey and ring master

For they were unaware

So Moto jumped of the bike and ran to save the monkey and ring master

He shiver them out of the way with a hard push and then jumped forwards also

The monkey in fear not knowing what was going on jumped off thee ring masters shoulder and ran to hide

When the ring master saw the beam

He thanked Moto and gave him the star stage performances for the night

The ring master had much thanks for Moto saving his life

He wanted to pay him back in someway

This was what he could do

The ring master also presented Moto with the biggest, thickest, and juiciest peace of meat giving him thanksgiving for his rescue

Moto felt like a king for a day

He went to bed happy that night

You see when we do good we get good and thanksgiving in return

What are you thankful for?

Be sure to give others thanksgiving for the kind things they do as well

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