The Consequence Of A Bully- A children’s story

One day a boy was playing in the park

He was engaged in a sliding board making every trip down

His mom kept calling to him in all fun

His name was Shawn

Each day after school Shawn’s mother would take him to the park to play

This one day Shawn met Riley

Riley was new to town and he was very shy

He asked Riley to swing with him

But Riley had no reply

So Shawn just went to swing by himself

Shawn was disappointed

He wanted to have someone play with him

Later he asked Riley to climb the climber with him

But yet again Riley denied

Eventually it was time for Shawn to return home for supper so Shawn ran over to Riley and said I come everyday to play so maybe next time it was nice meeting you even if you didn’t play I need to leave now goodbye

As Shawn began to leave Riley yelled goodbye

Shawn turned and smiled knowing that even though he hadn’t gotten to play he brightened someone’s day

After returning home Shawn’s mom prepared dinner as Shawn talked about his day

So Shawn told his mom all about Riley and that he was new but he was shy

Afterwards the family ate supper and sent Shawn to do his homework

While Shawn was engaging in his homework he began to think about Riley and the park

As he finished his work he said a prayer for Riley

“Lord, you know Riley best please if I see him again help me know what to say to him to help him open up thank you lord”

Then he went to bed

His parents came in to tuck Shawn in and say goodnight

When they did Shawn asked his dad how he could get Riley to play with him

Riley’s father said in time if he plays it will be when the time is right he is new to the area son then he kissed his son goodnight

And Shawn went to sleep

Early the next morning Shawn jumped out of bed and threw on his clothes

He then ran downstairs to eat breakfast so that he could get to school

All he could think about was Riley

He finished his breakfast and ran out the door before his mom could even leave the kitchen

Surprised his mom met him at the car and asked Shawn what has you so ecstatic this morning

Shawn replied I want to go to school so that’s I can get to the playground and try again to see Riley and get him to play momma

With a smile on her face they both climbed into their seats in the car

After belting themselves into their seats Shawn’s mom turned on the radio and they traveled to school

When Shawn got to school he jumped out of the car and began to run ahead in when his mom grabbed him and stopped him in his tracks

Hey, not so fast youngster she said as she reached for a hug

Shawn reached out gave her his hug and kiss and ran off yelling bye momma I love you

The school day began

Shawn kept looking at the clock ticking away every hour awaiting his playground time to look for Riley

Time seemed to be moving so slow today

Hours by hours went by

But it just moved turtle speed

After lunch his excitement returned because he only had three classes after lunch being that he is only four

Time passed by fast this time as his excitement returned

Finally it was time for his mom to come

He ran back n forth peering through the window expecting his mother and sure enough there she was so the aid walked him out but he ran ahead

He jumped in the car and buckled quickly into his seatbelt

When he got to the playground Riley was there playing on the climber

Shawn ran over to the climber and began to climb yelling hi Riley

Riley turned to see Shawn and just looked away Shawn knew he had to find out what Riley likes so when they finished climbing Shawn asked Riley if he wanted to slide with him

Riley turned and for the first time responded sheepishly okay

So together they went to the slide

One by one the children all slid down

Then they met this boy Todd

Todd was not kind

Todd was being a bully and picky with the boys he would insult and mock all that the boys would do until one time he couldn’t find his mother so he gently turned to the boys frantic and panicking and said I don’t see my mom

Shawn knew that he had been mean to them but instead he knew he had to keep him calm so he offered to stay with him till he saw his mom so he said let’s go tell my mom maybe she can help so the three boys ran across the playground to Shawn’s mom to save Todd’s panicking

They explained to Shawn’s mom what was going on

Shawn’s mom reassured the boys that Todd’s mom I’m sure was present just at the moment not found

They waited with Shawn’s mother and all talked to calm Todd down some

As they were sitting there talking Todd kept searching for his mother

He was becoming very anxious

He again said Shawn’s mother, I cannot find her

With that his mother came out of the bathroom looking for him

He saw her and ran to her giving her a great big hug

Todd told his mother he was scared because he couldn’t find her but that Shawn’s mother kept telling him it would be okay

In hearing this Todd’s mother took Todd’s hand and went to meet and thank Shawn and Shawn’s mother

The two mothers spoke and Todd’s mother thanked them and continued talking Shawn smiled and said I know how easily it is being scared I didn’t want him scared

Again she thanked him and all made friends

Shawn,Todd and Riley went home that night all happy and returned the next day again to play

You see sometimes we bully people but then may need them when we most need them and sometimes they will refuse to help because they’ve been bullied in this case Shawn even though he was bullied by Todd he decided to take matters on himself and show his bully love and compassion instead and they and their mothers all quickly became friends

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