The Turn Of A Lie- A Children’s story

It was a day in the rain

Patriot was at his post

When a rainbow lit the skyline

To him it meant the world

For you see soldiers see everything

They go through it all

It was a hard day for patriot

So there at his post he stopped

There he stood in his glory

For to see a rainbow it calmed his soul

He was hard at work

During a long bitter day

You see he was a soldier by day

A nurse by night

He was on post by the field

Where they were training

When the rainbow appeared

He knew all would be alright that day

There had been no attacks

The barracks we quiet

Though the field was full of work

The day came to an end

As this soldier now had to go be a nurse in the medical unit

He went to his barracks to drop off his equipment and gear

Then he went to the mess hall

For after an already long day

He needed a good meal

While he ate his SOS he got

Also known as creamed beef

He noticed to cadets talking

But they weren’t just talking

They were whispers

He wondered what they were conversing

So as he finished his meal

He threw out his trash

Where he was close enough to introduce himself

So he walked over to the two cadets

There he stood as the cadets got defensive

What do you want soldier

The one cadet asked in a stern gruff voice

Patriot responded

Sir I only wanted to introduce myself

I know many on this unit

He explained

Many except you two

Pulling away the two began to turn to leave

Patriot said soldiers

Why do you shun me?

The two turned to him and said

Our names are Patrick and Starling

As they left patriot felt something

He knew something was not right

But unable to piece together anything yet he went on to work where he was a nurse

Just another regular busy day

The medical bay was busy as usual

So many illnesses, injuries and then there was a woman in labor

She was to be one of his patients

He walked over to her to check on her

When he got there he noticed that she was very distraught

He stood there for a minute

Then he said I am patriot

I will be your nurse for this shift

He said so all you need just ask

She looked at him and said

I’m Elizabeth

He said it’s an honor to meet you

He then went on to say

I couldn’t help but noticed that you seem to be distressed and not from the pregnancy

She sheepishly began to turn away

She then said I’m fine

He said ma’am you don’t seem fine

She again said I’m fine

So again he spoke

He said well if you need anything just ask

As he turned tor goto the papers he had to go through on his other patients

He started to walk away

But Elizabeth called him back

She said wait

He again turned towards her

And stuttered uh yes

As he walked towards her

She said I am distressed

I don’t tend to open up very well

Knowing she lied as he had thought

He asked why did you lie

Why did you not just tell me something was wrong but that you felt uncomfortable opening up

She said I was scared

He said lying will get you nowhere

He said have you ever heard the story

The Lying King

Elizabeth said yes

That’s the story about the lions

Patriot said not the lion king

This is The Lying King

She said bashfully

Stuttering u uh no

But I guess I’m going to learn about it

He continued

Yes I believe you are

We may disagree

But I want to be best for you and help you

So there was king who lied about everything

He said so many lies to his kingdom

So many lies that one day….

The kingdom turned against him

The people of the kingdom banished the king sending him far away

Far away for him to live all alone

You see lying doesn’t only hurt others

It can also hurt you

Lying is not a good thing to do

When you lie

You cause people to wonder if you ever tell the truth

You disappoint other people

You also cause people to stop trusting you

Something you tell others falsely or on purpose to hurt them are lies

Things that are lies are deceiving and dishonest

After being disappointed

People will think you always lie

This is not good

For one day you really may need true help and may ask for help and they won’t believe you when you most need it

You’ll be saying the truth but they won’t believe you when you need them to hear you and believe you

These tall tales


Start off small

But very quickly become very tall

So the moral of this story

Is that the king thought he was everything

He thought he ruled the kingdom so he could bully and deceive everyone and no none would know

Little did he know they’d find out he was lying about everything

And in turn he lost his crown

Hurting only himself

So think about that next time you want to lie Elizabeth said the nurse

And always apologize when you lye

It will hurt you most likely either way

Embarrassed Elizabeth said I see you’re correct

I’m sorry for lying

I won’t lie again

I’m just glad you didn’t lie about having any contractions for if you had I may not have believed you when you were in real active labor

I will be back to check on you

But now I have some papers I need to attend to

Elizabeth said Patriot, thank you

So you see when you lie it causes you more pain and hardships than you thought would come to you

Think before you speak next time

For it may be the last time someone listens to you

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