God’s Love

For you are guilty

You’re a sinner

But none of that take presence in Him

You feel uncomfortable

You feel unwelcome

You feel unworthy

But to him you are loved

He reaches out his hand to you

Everything you’ve needed

He’s always been there for you

He welcomes you in open arms

Lifted out to the heavens

To welcome you and me home

He just wants a relationship with him

To show and fill your heart with love

Bringing all the wounds to healing

The pains to comfort

And what is dead to life

He is miracles of all miracles

gods love is gracious



never failing

He loves you more than any other

Let Faith rise up

Heart believe

Let the words be shaken

O heart believe

When I am blind

You will give me sight

When I fall

You will lift me up

You’re relationships are always one

They are never ending

You are the Father

Son and Holy Ghost in one

You are the king on high

Your name is salvation of me

Your love is everlasting

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