Arms Of Mercy

I watch you in joys

You were my son

My only son

You kept me in honor

All my life

You raised my name

When you were little you awakened in my arms

You were so young

Yet you understood all you were taught

We grew up hand in hand

You were always my number one

Over the years we drew closer

Season by season

Son you’ve been faithful and wonderful

I am well pleased with you

You’ve liven my dreams

You’ve made me proud

Now son hold my hand again

As the pain I’ve suffered has come to end

It will never stop but this is what needs to be done

Son it’s time for you to release me

In the arms of mercy

Letting me go

Our goodbyes will never part

I will always be a part of your memory

As well as your history

I know this is hard for you to grasp

It’s time to let go

Son it’s time for me to go

Time for goodbyes which will never leave

Son you’ve made me proud to be your father

I’m sure you’ll keep my legacy and story alive still in my name

I love you son

Now I must say goodbye

You’ve done well

You kept me in comfort

You let me see the real grown up you

No one ever said this would be easy

They just said I’ll always be with you

I’ll walk through the darkness with you

There will be no more suffering

Just this hard goodbye

Though son remember

I couldn’t be happier to be your father

Your friend

For you have made me proud

My Father’s Eyes

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