Beautifully Broken

Beautifully Broken

In design

I was in fear

I was estranged

But yet you loved me

While I hated myself

I walked in sin

Yet you stayed with me

I questioned why?

I’m nothing to me

What was I to you

I was ashamed

You called me beautiful

For you are with me forever and a day in eternal life

I don’t understand your love for me

Though in you I find acceptance

I find beauty I didn’t see

I find love I’ve never known

Hope is in you

Which once was lost

Never shaken

I stand in honor

Who are you

That I’d be shown respect and honor

That I’d be accepted and shown love

I long for you

I want to be with you

I want the hope you satisfy

I want the honor in your name

For I once was broken

Yet you loved me piecing me back together

Making me whole again in you

Giving forever and a day

Forever in love and eternity

A day with you

For I am beautifully broken

No longer living in shame

For you cleanse me

Of all my wrong doings

In perfect design

Beautifully Broken

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