Leaving All Behind

Leave it all behind

I’ve told you I’d take care of all your needs

I’d give you all your hearts desires

I have all you need

You could spend your whole life chasing what you’re looking for

Though you won’t find what your soul longs for

You keep searching in your longing

When nothing can satisfy

Turn to my need

Give me your heart

Rest in my arms

Leave it all behind

Let me do the work

While you rest

For those who search in me

will find what they’re searching for

All your hearts treasure

You will receive

My promises I keep

The work will be leaving you high and dry

Though with me I will flood you overflowing

Leave it all behind

I am your life

You just need to pursue your life

In my gifts

Just ask

I am always with you

Come give me your heart

No matter how shattered inside

I will clean you white as snow

Of the world is where your sins grow

Your joy will flow in me

For living water is found in me

Your temporary pleasure of the world

Will never last






It all is trouble

Leave it all behind

The world leaves you in sin

In me you will be free

Come open your heart to me

Leave it all behind

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