Wondering What You See In Me

I lay with you at night

I wake with you by morning

Music playing in my mind

I look into your eyes

That I may see to your soul

That I may see just what you see

Have you seen inside of me

Torture of a broken spirit

Torture of pains

Maybe it ok that I’m not alright

Maybe you’ve known that

I wish you’d find yourself in me

Like I find myself in you

Let the spirits rise

Only you know all about me

You’re holding my whole life

You accept me as I am

Your friendship everlasting

You hold me tight

I never want to leave or let go

There’s only one name in my heart

For the Holy Spirit has taken over me

I see what you see in me

I see scars and pain

I see a soul that goes deeper than an ocean

I see hope

I see glory on the rise

Greatest of all

I see love

You are love in me

You are the love I give

Because you lived

I also will live again

All evil to leave me

You’re my rescue

Because you live

All my fears have left

Because you live

I can face tomorrow

For you promise to love me

Never to leave my side

Here comes my comeback


All because of you

This war is over

I’m done fighting

You’ve taken the place where I hid

There is no obstacle in your way

You see me as me

I look into your eyes

Wondering what you see in me

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