Step Into A New Life

Step into a new life

Do a change up

No longer bound by chains

The sinner and the sacred healed

It’s time to let go

Time is fading

Lift your voice

Let it go

Lay your burdens down

Praise the father

Praise the son

Lift your voice

Be a star

Praise the father for he is good

Praise the son for he is our salvation

Praise the Holy Spirit who guides us

Praise them all in one

There is a man that calms a storm that rages

This man is Jesus

Step into a new life with Him

Loving my Jesus

The cry of my heart

Showing my scars

Telling my story

Of my salvation

You don’t have to battle this war alone

Sun trying to tear you down

Step into a new life

Don’t live in your scars

Don’t battle this alone

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