Call To Worship While We Wait

Hello my friend

I know your hearts been torn out

You have a chance to change it

Sometimes we need reasons to believe

Broken spirits can be mended

We may loose love

But we need love also

God’s love

Don’t let your fire burn out

Sometimes someone needs a reason to believe as well

Stay in prayer

Faith in Jesus

Don’t be left behind

Don’t be a castaway

Don’t lock your soul away

God love you

He has a plan for you

One awkward moment

Your hurt your scars

They can all be healed

Healed by one man Jesus

This could be the moment

Today you could save a life

Being the light

In someone else’s darkness

We’re waiting on the lord

Yet he is still always with us

Your hurt and scars are not easy

However they don’t last forever

While we wait

Wait in obedience

And in time

God will personally speak to you

Snapping that pain

Then closing up those scars

Call to worship while we wait

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