A Ghost In Me

There’s a ghost inside of me

It shakes and trembles

It has high hopes in me

I am not t afraid

It drops me unwillingly to my knees

He leads me in comfort and peace

He knows the father and son

He knows me inside and out

He is in responsibility of me

Yet I make my choices

You ask yourself


From the east to west

North to the south

Every destination

Every direction

He hold me and covers me

He gives me rest

He gives me grace

He erases all my sins

From one soiled man

To a snow white lamb

I can’t bare to see who it is this man has been

Yet you ignore it

You hold me

You rap me in your arms

You carry me

Keeping me in protection from negativity and evil

From the scars in your hands

Hung on the cross

You gave us salvation

I’m on my knees

I have a ghost inside of me

It’s a spirit who never leaves

A spirit who loves and understands

He’s holy

Holy Spirit is in me

Holy Spirit come rescue me

You’re our only living hope

May my shame leave me

You are welcome here

Flood me with your presence

Cover me in your love

I cherish you in all you do

Holy Spirit come rescue me

You see

There’s a ghost in me

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