Letting Go

A time comes in each of our lives that one day we must let go and say I’ve got all that there is to give I’ve done all I can do I need to realize I did my best of best I could do and turn it over to God only he can mend a sorrowful broken spirit and soul time comes and goes and time comes to say I give it to you and let go releasing all spirits in blessings and peace sudden loss is never easy even more when it’s the closest to you this doesn’t mean your world is ending although it may in someway change rather it means that new life eternal life with God is beginning that our loved one has reached their given purpose and are being rewarded in God’s peace life’s beginning by his side on the throne our love one is receiving their new gift a place with the holy one, the king in honors where they deserve it is a time that we should be happy for them for they completely finished their earthly duties the Christ gave them it’s a time to reminisce in their beauty of their earthly life and the new beauty of their new beginnings realizing that being there for them till the very last moments was pleasing to them and that you did what you could to keep them happy and comfortable in their transition into the holy kingdom with God that they will now be forever in peace and that memories for you will always last


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