In The Middle Of Anywhere Called Nowhere

There we were stuck on an island

Out in the middle of anywhere

Anywhere called nowhere

Pelicans flying overhead

But otherwise a cool blue sky

As the sunset and no sign of life

We began to realize

We at this current event we’re trapped

Hoping to see a boat or plane

Any sight of human life

The sun setting

Dusk falling

As I grows dark

Whispers of the silence that fell around us

Whisping of the wind

In the silence you can hear a wolf or coyote howl

Fear set in at the unfamiliar land

Dreary and cold it became

As we started a fire for warmth

The fire burning in a malicious bloody blue smokeless flame

Hot but obscure

It begins at the twigs

Which we found around us

Fierce and almost maniacal

Intense and yet chaste

Smoke begins to form

As the fire begins to grow

Light shines

Warmth on the rise

Crimson and almost evil in sight

Red an blue

Continual and immense

Fierce scarlet

Dense orange

Fierce but invisible

We still were

Intense but bland

The sound of crickets start

Owls hooting in the night

Stars above but not too bright

Startling silent

Realizing we are the only ones around

Day break as the fire simmers out

Logs still smoking and hot

Sunrise beauty on the beach

We form a homemade fishing rod

As we need a meal of any kind

In this we began to fish

When we heard a far off sound

We began to hope

Yes and there it was a human plane

We screamed and frantically waved our arms in hope for someone to see us

Or even just something

They did

The plane turned a sharp turn around

As they searched for a place to land

We were getting saved

One night in wilderness

On a lonely

Subtilely sensual paradise of fear

The plane finds landing on the beach near a large pieced drift wood

More like a large log

Sand sifting our feet

As we walk toward the plane

Still cold we climb aboard the tiny vessel

Thanking the wen we all began flight

To unknown land once again

Though this time in safety and rescue

Caught up on a tiny island

In the middle of anywhere

Called no where

That was our story revealed

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