The Forest-Child’s Fantasy Story

In the pines a fawn stands in watch at hunters down the way

Momma stands in fear telling her fawn to stay quietly in the brush

Clouds hide the ⛅️ sun

As the doe stands firm the buck watches in strength as his family is too close to being the hunted

A rabbit 🐇 hops towards the hunters and the hunters turn to look scaring the rabbit away into the thicket by the pond nearby

But still the hunters don’t see the family of deer 🦌 silently they await as dusk falls and the hunters call it a day pulling off in their truck for now the deer were spared and given life momma deer says to her fawn it’s time to prance off to the thicket for rest my tiny one and the buck fell ahead of them to lead in safety see we want safety first always so that we can protect ourselves and those we love

Into the thicket of the forest they went to find long grass and lay down to curl up for rest stopping on the way to nibble the berries and trees 🌳 for you see deer like fruit and greens we as children should also they are where we get our nutrients finding a spot hidden away in the depths of the forests the family laid there heads gently down to rest in peace knowing they could have died that day but God spared them their lives so many other deer are not as lucky same goes for humans and other animals as well so listen to your parents and help them keep yourself safe safety first

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