No One Could Love You Like I Do

We wished on these stars

It’s been a while

Tonight your moonlight

Fingerprints of love

Making me who I am now

Reminiscing who we are now

Thoughts of you

Playing through my head

Reminding me of you

As I think of you

I whisper words about you

Endlessly dreaming about you

Making me believe

No one could love me like you could

Reaching for you

I sing harmony in life

It’s all of me that’s there

If you would be the one to share my dreams


And memories

No one to keep us apart

I couldn’t spend my life without you

No one measures up to you

You are a figment of my imagination

I adore you

The clock doesn’t stop

Time keeps running

Ticking away

Time in time standing still

Yet ticking in time still

No one could love you like I do

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