I Saw Me Dreaming

I saw me dreaming

Though through open eyes

Seen in the light of the moon

Like a scene from a love adventure

Like before the broken hearts

Saved by today

For no one knows tomorrow

Only God

Love in a moment

To be torn apart

I’m gonna love you till each sunset

Wake up to you with each sunrise

I am

I always have been

Your sunshine in the blue sky

It’s cold out

A cuddle by the fire

Just close my eyes and you are there

To make memories in the night

I can touch love

within my deepest depths

It’s only a heartbeat away

Down in my soul

Like a drum

I hear the music play

Love can’t resist my tears I cry

When I miss you

I can’t ask for more

All the words I wish to say

I’m speechless

I love you

I have such a gift in you

One that I never want to open

Just keeping it special as it comes

Always ecstatic around you

There’s so much you want to know

I’m speechless with your love

I’m so in love

My loves on top of the world

I melt in your presence

Love it’s you

Your the one who keeps me whole

I need you

Listening to the wind

In the gentle breeze

Can I make you want me

Is this gonna stop

Is this just a dream

Baby it’s you I love


I saw myself dreaming

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