The Darkness

You see me in the light

and you smile with glee

You jump for joy in sight of me

Have you ever wondered exactly how I feel

There’s times I don’t know what or how to tell you what I feel

Those times are my darkest hours

You’ve never seen me in the dark

I say these words to you because we all fall short

We all go through the light and dark

The dark is a very dreadful dreary place you shouldn’t go

I tell you step into the light

and leave the dark

You’ve never seen me in the dark

For I try to remain best in the light

Dark is for sin and fear

and where horrible things take place

Come to the light and find peace

Find calmness

The light is where you’ve mostly seen me

Things of the darkness I do not desire

I do not desire

but do not claim at all to be perfect

You’ve never seen me in the dark

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