The Sound Of The Passing Cars

To embrace you in the night

Sounds of silence and peace

from busy of day

Just laying and listening to the passing cars vrooooom acknowledging the sounds listening to the loud ones pass us by

Sounds crazy that it’s what we enjoy to do

But it’s a sappy love story I share with you

I long for your tender touch when we’re apart but enjoy the sounds of the cars thinking of you as they pass on by

Return by night from a busy day

Even busy of the crowded highway

Don’t become the one passing me by

I’m in love with you from ear to eye

A voice you can not speak but a heart overflowing with personality, creativity, passion and love

A voice I do not need

to see the pure you within the frame

Snuggle me close

As maybe one day we shall

But for now just lying and listening to the Vroom sound with you calms my ear my love my true

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