Birthday Dreams

Rainbows high up in the sky

Above the clouds floating by

Birthday dreams amongst the air

As night falls and goblins appear

Remember the toilet paper

Hard to come by now

Jack o lantern lit on each porch

Or door step

Leading into the light

As dark falls black in night

Skeletons peaking from each tree

As decorating hallows eve

has become a thing

Shadows fall of hidden ghosts

Remember eggs

They’re not being cooked

Trolls who come and know your name

Birthday’s on hallows eve

Shall never be the same

Thick leaves crunch beneath your feet

Red, yellow, dark rouge, green dried up browns

Black cats roaming in mischievous ways

As if looking to say

Hey! Look at me!

This is the season of Halloween birthday’s

Sun rises again on the 31st

Slowly you begin to see kids in characters

Costumes not one the same

As they slowly begin to emerge

Throughout the day

By night fall you see hundreds

All finally in view

Tricker treating

Under a full moon

Treasures being found

Smiles rising as they travel

And yet it’s still been your birthday

but Halloween goes on

Not the same as once before

For all under the rug has changed

Now it’s just your birthday

All else is now just a figment of a child’s creative dream

These are the birthday dreams of an October birthday today

Happy fall😉🙂

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