A Man Without A Voice

Written By Shane

His heart felt words and feelings of being mute

Am I so different because I’ve lost my voice,

is that the reason you feel the need to make fun of me,

am I so different because of things I cannot say,

does that really make me less normal than you?

Am I so different, so different from you,

is making me uncomfortable a pleasure for you,

if my voiceless soul is upsetting to one and all,

just try and remember that my life is no fun at all.

You see me like this and you laugh and make fun of me as you pass by,

never once do you notice the tear in my eye,

It isn’t the loss of my voice that makes me cry,

it’s your stares and snide comments as I walk by.

So, please, I implore you, take this to heart,

I am truly human, not a species apart,

my voiceless soul is my burden, and a heavy one too,

if not for a misfortune, this me could be you.

My life is now a battle of voiceless pain,

your cruel and hurtful prattle,

pains me day and night,

instead of pain and sorrow,

give me your smile that’s true and bright,

walk with me through each tomorrow,

don’t shun me out of fright.

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