Name Above All Names

Every tear you’ve cried

I’ve always been there with you

I remember when you stumble and fall

Yet I remain with you still

Your heart tearing at the seams

I remind you to stand tall

For still I am with you

In reverence of you

You being my my child and friend

I promise to remain always at your side

For I am God

I’ve remained now by your side

not once leaving you

Let faith be free and arise

Pour out your whole heart to me

I am here to listen

I gave my life on Calvary’s tree

to give you life

Saving you from sin you act on

From death ready to vanish you

Let your faith arise

I remain at your side always

I am your strength

I am here with you

Praise my name with an open heart

You need me

Days will come when you have no strength

You have nothing left

You can’t go on

Feeling like giving up

You’re awesome and beautiful

You are made for much more within life

You have a story from birth

I knew you way before you were created

You mean everything in my eyes

You’re amazing in my vision

For I am God

You are my child

I am love

Let the earth see me through your eyes

Push all darkness away

I am the beginning and the end

The lion and the lamb

The Holy Spirit

The father

And the son

In unity as one

Trembling in fear of me

For I tell you always don’t fear

No one can measure up

I am the only God

Name above all names

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