Collect My Tears

Verse Thoughts

The scripture is filled with lovely examples of the tender compassion that God extends to the people of Israel and to those that are part of the Body of Christ. But He also displays His gentleness and sensitivity towards insignificant individuals as well – people like Hannah and the widow of Nain; people like Jairus, the leader of the synagogue; the apostle Peter who denied His Lord three times and sweet Mary of Bethany who was wrongly accused of gross extravagance by the disciples – people like you and me.

But is there a more beautiful illustration of the Lord’s great tenderness and His gracious mercies towards each of His children – to you and to me, than is seen in the intimacy that is glimpsed in this lovely Psalm?  For we read that the Lord takes account of all our sadness and all our pain – all our weariness and all our wanderings – all the salty teardrops that flow from our eyes and all the silent groans that rend the inner parts of our secret being. Indeed, we read in this precious verse that He has collected every single salty teardrop that has wet our lashes and recorded every single silent groan of our hurting heart – and He has placed each single tear in His bottle of remembrance and recorded each hurt in His book, because of His great love for each of His own.

Remember He has scheduled every day of our lives and knows the tears that will result from the afflictions of His people. Our times are in His hands and we have a God Who knows and loves and cares for everything that causes His children pain – but like our Saviour we gain a closer intimacy with our Father through the things that we suffer in obedience to His will.

And the wonderful thing is that through it, we will gain a closeness to His heart of love, and a depth of understanding of our God that we never imagined possible – (as did Job), for God has promised that the day is coming when sorrow will be turned into joy and tears will be turned into laughter – a day when He Himself will wipe away every wet tear from our eye-lashes.


Tears may seem like just a normal reaction to a situation or emotion but in reality tears are unspoken prayers yes that God hears from heaven see psalms 56:8

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You keep track of all my sorrows.

    You have collected all my tears in your bottle.

    You have recorded each one in your book.

When we cry it’s hard to speak out and speak our emotions God knows this so he takes it all from us in silence of silent prayer he knows us before we know ourselves he knows each and every one of our needs

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