Remember I Said, Remember To Me You Are Beautiful – Angel Takes Flight

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Broken Spirit

Broken spirit

Held in purity

By the one who saves

He has broken every chain

Not causing any calamity

For the chains won’t hold

He broke them free

The one who created all creation

All the heavens

He who gave his life for me

Early in the morning

Sun risen high

By night fall

Sunset fall

Given life by broken spirit that held us

Broken spirit that also saved us

A Lesson To Be Learned

I stole this from a friend’s Facebook new feed status I thought it appropriate to share may we all learn a lesson from it about the spear of the power of the tongue

Job 5:21You shall be hidden from the lash of the tongue, and shall not fear destruction when it comes.

Psalm 34:13Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking deceit.

They say be slow to speak and think before you speak I gotta say one of your worst weapons is your tongue and the words you speak for they go straight to the brain and heart sometimes crushing a soul like a dagger we need to be more aware of what things we speak and speak in good not tearing others down in deceit or criticism hope this be a lesson you learn and keep so that you can be more godly and more loving and peaceful to others

Job 6:30Is there any injustice on my tongue? Cannot my palate discern the cause of calamity

Job 15:5For your iniquity teaches your mouth, and you choose the tongue of the crafty.

This Is Halloween

Wild pumpkins

Black bats 🦇 in flight

Superstitious black cats

Spiders 🕷 hovering in their webs

Zombies roaming

Gouls in the lurking

This is the black night

This is the devils playground

Rodents running throughout the streets

This is Halloween 🎃 Halloween 👻

Candy for the teens and kids the same

No age limits their fun

No color finds race

Not even can they debunk your disguise

This is Halloween 🎃 Halloween 👻