News On Shane

My fiancé lives states away from me so we can already not be together he was born with a backwards heart and just found out that he has this sickening Covid has been having trouble breathing and it causing extra stress on his heart, he also has cancer and diabetes prayers would be much appreciated as I wish I could be there and do more.

the nurse was having to clear his lungs every 45 minutes and his lungs were very chunky and he was having serious trouble breathing worse than what he’s had

his elderly next door neighbor passed away from Covid while Shane has been in the heart clinic for two weeks he’s had bad days as negativity set in worse that this was gonna be his fate as well with all his health problems but we all have faith and hope for something stronger and different that God will step in and prevail

Shane wanted me to thank everyone for all your prayers he is very grateful it means so much to him with his condition and health issues from the bottom of our hearts we both thank all of you and appreciate the prayers 🤗

Thank you all from Shane we almost lost him as his lung collapsed right now he is stable though the Covid is now taking affect on his heart in bad ways

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