Proudly Wait On The Lord

Psalm 62:1 (New King James Version)
To the Chief Musician. To Jeduthun. A Psalm of David.
Truly my soul silently waits for God; From Him comes my salvation.

Verse Thoughts
David, the man after God’s own heart was beset by difficulties and dangers and encompassed about by many enemies and those that would seek his life to destroy him, but David’s confidence was in the Lord, Who was his Rock and his Salvation, his Defender and his mighty Fortress.

Like so many of David’s psalms, the clarion call of this canticle is that God alone is the source and sphere of David’s need.. and God alone has the right to demand our own undivided trust and worship.. for God alone is our salvation and strength.. He alone is our rock of defense.. our Shepherd and King; our Lord and our Life – our Way, our End and our God.

Like David we must secure our undivided confidence in the Lord our God, for He alone is the foundation upon which our hope is established, our source of supply, our fountain of grace and from Him alone flow rivers of living water. God alone is the only One in Whom our trust must be continuously founded – for He alone is worthy.

And so despite the difficulties and dangers that encompassed king David and in spite of the enemies that would seek his life to destroy him, David.. the man after God’s own heart waited in silence for God – for he knew that in quietness and in confidence is our strength, for Salvation is from the Lord and He alone is the one upon whom we must depend.

What a testimony of David’s dependence on the Lord.. that according to Jedudthun, one of the king’s chief musical directors in Israel – David in the midst of profound difficulty and distress waited in quiet confidence, on the Lord his God.

May our soul also wait in silence for God – for from Him alone is our salvation.


As any believer we proudly wait for God in all situations and on his coming to proudly take us with him home I am proud to be a Christian and not ashamed to profound it.

J. Palmer

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