You Are God, All In One

You are one in all

All in one

You are God

You strengthen me

Holding me you protect me

You are my security

My hope

My peace

You are my freedom

You are God

The one who we shall not fear

Whom we should not worry

It is you who is faithful

You who is holy

We shall not panic

We shall not walk away

For you our God

do not turn from us

You do not walk away

You are my safe haven

You are my salvation

Only you can give me peace

Only you can save me

You are my footsteps within my own journey

You are my path to righteousness

You alone lead me

For I shall not be afraid

You are God

You are always with me

You are my help in time of need

You are my desire when I search my heart

You are my direction and destination on my path

You walk with me

You do not leave

You see hope in me and accept me as I am

You lead me

You are always beside me

You carry me when burden becomes too great

You are God

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