One body

One body in love

One body in Christ

One body in spirit

One mind

One mind in life

One mind in Christ

One mind in spirit

One spirit

One spirit to live by

The spirit of Christ

In the mind of Christ

The spirit of God

Three in one

The trinity

The Holy one

The Father

The Son

The Holy Spirit

All in one

Jesus Christ our lord

Our savior

Our king

Giving us salvation


And life in eternity

with the king

One body

One mind

One spirit

One man

Saved us all

His name


The risen one

The king

The father

The son

The Holy one

The lamb

The king

Our savior as no other

Jesus Christ

Our Lord

Father God


One body

One mind

One man

One spirit

The trinity

Our saviors

all in one


“On that note



ONE WAY” (KJ-52 Dear Slim pt2)

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J. Palmer

Living under the wings of God and the angels around me keeping me going and safe. Sharing the love of Christ.

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