You Are God, All In One

You are one in all

All in one

You are God

You strengthen me

Holding me you protect me

You are my security

My hope

My peace

You are my freedom

You are God

The one who we shall not fear

Whom we should not worry

It is you who is faithful

You who is holy

We shall not panic

We shall not walk away

For you our God

do not turn from us

You do not walk away

You are my safe haven

You are my salvation

Only you can give me peace

Only you can save me

You are my footsteps within my own journey

You are my path to righteousness

You alone lead me

For I shall not be afraid

You are God

You are always with me

You are my help in time of need

You are my desire when I search my heart

You are my direction and destination on my path

You walk with me

You do not leave

You see hope in me and accept me as I am

You lead me

You are always beside me

You carry me when burden becomes too great

You are God

The Presence Of Praise

To praise you like no other

To honor you by name

Taking precedence

you become the name I claim

There is no other name of honor

But that of yours alone

You are a predecessor of all life unknown

Precedence becomes your honor

An honor you well deserve

With a righteous heart

A upright heart

Your name becomes my praise

There is no formality, nor hypocrisy,

no lukewarmness in disguise

for the heart is upright in the presentation of its praise.

Imagine What You Can Do For Me

You made water into wine

You made the earth and heaven

You made Bread and fish for thousands

You healed the blind that they could see

You alone parted the Red Sea

You walked on water without getting wet

You took illness away like that

Nothing my lord is too hard for you

You can do all

Imagine what you can do for me

Not one single soul can set you free

Not one soul can be powerful like thee

Not one soul can do all the things that you can

We our powerless compared unto thee

No words can express what you do

These miracles are what you do

This is who you are and you will always be

May I not live alone but live with thee

Oh lord my God

High majesty

Nothing lord is unmanageable to thee

You Gave Me

You gave me life out of a world of sin

You gave me a brain to know right from wrong

You gave me hands to create new things

You gave me eyes that I can see the truth

You gave me lips that I can praise your name

You gave me feet that I can walk in your footsteps

You gave me ears so that I can hear the needs of others and share your word

You the creator of all things made us all in your name

Each day you’ve worked so hard

Even now you’re still working on and in our lives

You God will not cease till you are finished in the end of time when Jesus shall return only then will you then end

Your works are wonderful and wonders of amazements

You will work till the day of the Lord comes

When Jesus Christ returns in his kingdom for all to finish What has been done

What A God

What a God

A man of many wonders

A man of knowledge

A man of true purity and heart

What a God




A God that does not boast

A God that is forgiving

A God that is never jealous

What a God he is

A God with love that is everlasting

A God of miracles and blessings

A God of many faces

A God who is found in many places

A God who doesn’t miss a thing

An all knowing God

What A God

As The Storms Rage On

When the thunder rolls

The rain falls

The clouds of curtains call

Lightning strikes

At the sound of rumbles

Flood waters rise

Streets get closed

Trees fall

Angels rise to the skies

Protecting those who lost all

Who have turmoil in their lives

Turbulence like a flight

Comes near

As God listens to hear

Hearing the call of all prayers sent

Many in sight ahead

The thunder rolls

Far off sound rumbling yet near

As thunder takes a special route

Bringing out the Monday lights

Rain falling on the sidings around

Wind blazing across the wheats

Heavens raining down

Rising storm ahead

Jesus calls upon the calm

As the storms rage on