Prayer For Comfort- Remembering Linda Stoltzfoos’s Family And Friends

Lord cover all fear, misunderstandings and discomfort in your wings of light

Let there be hope where none may be seen

Ease our spirit of this horrible sadness of the pain we see admits the missing of Linda Stoltzfoos

I feel for her family and am in deep hopes of her return as I touches me in so many ways for I myself know an Amish family with that name as well and with so many loving children

I understand the loss of a child on so many levels from my own difficult and different situations in my life

I wholeheartedly feel pain may you ease that pain, discomfort, sadness may you bring peace to the deeper intimate feelings lingering there

May you bring close gatherings and support of leaning into each other for help to those hurting doing it safely in amongst the pandemic and riots and social distancing giving peace and comfort to those in need

May you restore any hearts that draw too near in relation to the story and family to pull themselves out of their deep wounds brining them inner peace instead

May you draw close to them and help to lead them to the acceptance of the trials amongst them right now and the acceptance of her disappearance right now to help them try to find comfort and prepare them for the unknown of your work and will whatever that my be

Linda would have wanted nothing more than for her family and friends to triumph in the Lord not in misunderstanding of her loss

Help each of us to draw most of all closer to you and be a voice for someone else’s need in honoring her memories

Ease this sadness pain God pull anyone out of the beginning of depressed states leading into depression let them see that though this is a very sorrowful situation that in you there is still bright light shining through and that it’s not the end as they may be feeling

In Jesus Name

I ask these requests of comfort and peace even within myself as well


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