God Covers It All

There is no one like our God

There is no separation

No life, no death, no culture or race

There is nothing that can separate us from God

For his blood covers us all

His gifts include us all

His life and forgiveness covers all our sin

There is nothing that they can take away

God covers all charges against us in life and death

From the foot of the cross

To human law

To heavens above

God covers all

Bring it to him

turn it over and let go

Let God lead

Release your burdens that tell you differently

That’s lies that Satan brings

Take you life

give it in exchange to God

instead of being afraid

Only then can god truly lead

Let got and let God

Let God make you free and lead

You could try to imagine what life would be like with Christ one day

But no one can imagine what he truly gave by his life and how big the gift

Not even in understanding the truth can imagination expose the image he plays

Being in his presence

In experience and life

Is the only true way to bring image of Christ

For until you have felt and seen and spoke it all

You shall continue to faulted and fall

Yet in Christ we are covered I all

And when we fall we fall together

We live and don’t die

We live free and at peace

There is no violence and war

For in it God covers all

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