We’re All One In Christ

Broken, wounded, tortured and persecuted
Use of slandering directed at us trying to pull us down low in force
Nothing can separate us
Not race
Not disabilities
Not color
Not evil done to one
For we’re yours and nothing can take that from us
For you died on the cross removing separation out
The only thing that matters is what you think of me
Nothing can separate the love you have for us
Taking all I have the broken and wounded spirit
Tortured and in pain
All those who have been slandered and prosecuted
I still believe
You promise to go with me through all
You are amongst us
You are moving in our midst
You’re working miracles and wonders the same
You’re love endures over all
With the work of your hands
You hold each of us as one
You’ve encouraged us like a true parent to a child
Your forgiveness overtaking all our sins
Lord I bow my knee
I need you
The nation needs you
Take us close under your wing holding us tight
Who you are is what makes me want to change for the better of the ways
You’re power like no other
Only you can change the world
Only you can set all free
Wounded, broken, tortured and prosecuted
With slander coming at us
You still love us so
You keep us on high priority to all
Mountains high and valleys low
Nothing overlooks the love you have for me
You still stay beside me
With a love unseen
Why am I so precious in your eyes
that you choose me to know my name
I like the others have nothing to share
Nothing can separate the love you have to give

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