The Master’s Hand

I breathe in air

The air fills my lungs

Bringing me to life

Every beat of my heart is of you

I have life because of you

I feel the beat

I feel the beat

My blood pumping throughout my veins

They try to take my last breath

They try to persecute me and kill me

Though together we rise in the air I breath

And the life you give my heart

When we fall

Should we fall

We with fall together

Nothing can separate us

With our differences

We are still the same

We breath the same

Our heart beats the same beats as one

We all bleed the same in color and the same blood

We are all of the same hands that created us

You, of your masters hand

Each bone in us is built the same

All spirits broken and wounded the same

Giving us a broken heart

Yet you mend it all the same

You put us back together and make us whole again giving us once again life

Pulling us from the darkness and dead of night

Every soul standing by your side in hope in wonder of your love

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