You Are Amazing Grace

Lost and scared I need to see all there is to know

You see my fear but you remain calm and provide me with love

Ensuring me that it will be okay

You already know how I feel

You hold the plan and lead me

You created all my thoughts

You created my being in your likeness

You know everything there is to know about me

You patiently await for me to surrender to your lead

Though my fear hold me slacking behind

You tell me that the works been done

That your love is forever and the only one

Innocence shows it’s way

Cleaned white as snow

You tell me the fights already done and won

There isn’t anything to back away from and fear

Though held in by my familiar comfort zone holds me down

You say you are bigger then you know follow me and I’ll take you to your dreams

That everything will be okay

I can’t see the gift you’ve given me and yet you stay faithful and gently wait

Giving your grace unto me

Honoring me for who I am

Bringing out the joy inside I never knew I had

I can’t get over how wonderful you’ve been and all the joy within

Remind me again not to fear

Maybe than that will be my personal timing

Why God do I need you?

I need all that you are

Taking all the broken, lost spirit away

Showing me there is hope

There is a way

The way is you

The truth you hold is also you

The radiant light you give off is you as well

You are the three in one

The savior

The king

The messiah

You are the lead that we need to have as a guide

You call us each by name

Showing us that we are more important to you than we think

You are the dream that brings separation into the light out of the darkness

You keep us safe in protection from the works of evil

You are amazing grace

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