Remember I Said, Remember To Me You Are Beautiful

I was once young




They all adored me





I was vibrant

Doing ballet


And so much more

Then my young years vanished

I became a young adult

Always saying I’m not beautiful

I’m not worth anything

I’m just a disaster

A disappointment

Depression sunk in

I ask you why have you made me

My life was the lowest of times

I wanted away from who I was

Till you reminded me and told me

Remember I God created you from your inmost being In the life I’ve seen

I knew you before you were born

May be hard to believe

But inside I had your plan all worked out

The best that I saw for my daughter I created

For who you are

Why I ask why have I made you

Why don’t you see I created you out of love

My love is stronger than anything

You may most see your beauty or love yourself

But I knew things would be obstacles for you

Yet know through it all I have and will still be there

Remember that above all else I love you and eventually you will too- God

You made me imagine what I really could be

Because of all earth you went beyond and loved me

I look at me today

And when I question

Why have you made me

I look at myself and say

Because you are so much bigger than you see

That God me to be a blessing ahead of some’s dream

I say

I love you

I love your beauty

Remember to him you are beautiful

That’s all that matters

It doesn’t matter what others see

It’s the beauty within that was the gift God gave me

Stronger than any fear or disapproval I see

Love never fails

God never abandon’s us and loves us more than anything

Now I see me as an adult and say darn girl look at that beauty

God has made the best in me

Then he says my child I’ve never walked away

I told you always you were beautiful and I knew your story long ago when I created you

You are who I see

I will never walk away

I’ve always told you not to fear

I am with you all the way

Push away that doubt for my promises always find the broken hearts and wounded spirit

Taking all your pain within my plan

Creating a beautiful women you now see

Yea it took a while but remember I’ve always told you in my eyes you were beautiful

Just as I had made you

I’ll never let you down

Share who you are

Go shine amongst the world

Share the beautiful knowledge

your very own beauty

Give someone else life

Letting them see just what I have taught you

What promises I’ve made to you

Let them see and share in that beauty-God

Then tears weld in my eyes

I realize there’s so much more like me

My heart breaks for I don’t deserve what this man Jesus has given me

Yet he has and I honor in all ways I can

My messed up life can be the saving of life for someone else like me

That’s when I surrender

When I turn to God and say…

God send me

I remember you once told me

I’ll take care of you walking with you all the way

You’ll one day see what I see the beauty within you

How beautiful you my child are

I’m beautiful because

He forever loved me

I am what he saw in me

In plans for me

I can be the seed for you

God can be your light

if you surrender to him

releasing the chains that bind you to the world

Open his gates and trust in him

He is God of all

He wants only the best in you and me

Open up to God’s full beauty

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