For I am Not You But Me

God you have faith in who I am

You have so much faith in me

So much love for me that anyone can see

Yet I feel I am not worthy or understand always

What you want or need of me

Love is tender and sometimes hard to find

With so much negativity all around me

Enlarger my territories to know how you work love with things as these

That I may learn love and not fall into the hateful crowd

That the wrongs being done

Even if I don’t understand I will have the trust to know that it already is in your hands and that I may be part in your works and good deed instead

Help me to love and be loved and not act out of revenge and my own temptations of hate

Let me live just as you say loving on another and loving my neighbor as myself

Let me remember the world needs as much love as me and it is not seen any differently

Leg me be a model for the rest to see and even for myself to learn to grow in every way

Lift my spirits when things get frail

Let me remember to handle it with love, prayer and positivity instead as you would handle with me

Things of this world are not all of you and only the wounded spirit who has found hope in your story and love can see around all the true negativity

The lost and broken souls have their own struggles that only you and they can see

May we remember that and fill them with love that they may one day understand and see in hope of them seeing you in eternity

You see me so innocent and pure

I see me as a lamb still trying to fit in with the grazing sheep waiting for Thea Shepard to take hold of me under his staff and lift me where I am most weak

I know love and am good with that but my own acceptance of that I am one of the flock I fear away from in my own acceptance to me

I can love and be loved as I love myself but I do not feel one of the crowd I am shy and lost in my own belief in me in the way that’s it is that you see me

May through my own love to myself and others may I see the good you have in me as I as well am sometimes blind to faith in me and fear of the events going on around me for me to remember that it’s just another chapter, another scene in your bigger picture of reality and life’s journey

That you only can act in hostile ways when you don’t agree and for I am not you but me

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