Praise In His Name

Praise in him

Trust is made

Relationship built on a strong foundation

Grace given above all

Mercy from his name

Out of the darkness he does come

Native tongue he speaks and teaches

Stories untold

Prayers answered

Miracles evident

Name in the most high

In the name of Jesus is how we pray

Jesus our savior

Jesus our king

Promises he keeps

Temptation he beats

Evil he turns away

Giving protection to the faithful

In his name we praise and sing praise

Hallelujah you’re the one

The Holy one

God of all creation

Of all fallen nations

You bring hope

You bring peace

You rebuild the broken

Comforting the wounded spirits

You give direction to the lost

Leading us in all we do

You are amazing

You are wonderful

You are glory

In you we praise

We praise your holy name

No questions asked

for you already know what lyes ahead

You know each day

Each night

When we sit or when we rise

You know tomorrow, today and before

No one can count out all your miraculous ways

You are God the father

in whom we lift out voice

You are the Holy one

Come to erase our sins

You are the savior

You are the messiah

Jesus our Lord

In whom we have faith and pray

You are God the father

God our king

In you we praise your name

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