Who You Are, Masterpiece Of Faith

I long for love

I long for peace

I long for acceptance

I long for faith

You provide everything

You are love

You provide love

You are grace

You provide grace

You are peace

You bring peace

to all nations and all people

You give acceptance to all

as you say you will

You inspire faith

Faith so strong

nothing can tear it down

You are miracles

You are promises

You are sacred

You are one

You are loyal

You are faithful

You are amazing

You are merciful

You are God

You save us from sin

You pull us away and protect us from the evil of the world

May we see you as our creator of good

Our savior Jesus

Our waymaker

All things come through you

All things that do are good in your eyes

All things are substantial in our faith journey

We are your masterpiece

You are our king

We are the student eager to learn

You are our provider

You are a graven image

An icon

You are created to be praised

We worship you

You are fill my heart

You take away my longings

You provide

You are what makes one speechless

You are power

You keep us safe

You love us unconditionally

as no one could dream or imagine

You are our Savior

We worship you

You are amazing

You are our masterpiece of faith

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