You Are The Voice

You are the voice

Speak loud and clear

Speak out for everyone

For all to hear

You are the voice

To change the world

You are the voice to change lives

Your are the voice for God

The voice yo speak his words and forever change lives

If you walk away you live a lost soul

A soul of betrayal against the one who loves most even in sinful times

If you walk away without saying a word

That person may never be told

You are the voice

The voice of the world

Don’t give up

Don’t become divided

Don’t fall in the laws and ways of the world

Stand for your faith

Stand for what you believe

Stand strong for God

He stands strong for you

Stand strong for that soul that never had the chance to believe

Stand for Christ

You are the voice who can save the world

Don’t let the world take that away

God says you matter and you always have

You are the voice that will make God shout in joy and proud

Don’t give up on him

Don’t give up on yourself and your faith

Live as you always would trying to survive and get out the word

It’s just another day trying to gain your throne in heaven and be the best you can be

Another day trying to show your honor to God and faith in who he is and his story

You are the voice go out and become the leader

You are the voice that needs to be shared

the voice some are waiting for needing to be heard

Be that voice for someone else today don’t let fear take that away

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