Are You Looking For Friends COVID-19

Is it trying to become popular

Well it has done that long before it was seen

Is it trying to make friends

Can’t help you there no one likes you

But think of this

You’re well known around all religions and churches indeed

Your a celebrity you never of which I bet you never dreamed

You were voiced even before you were created

Are you trying to make friends?

I don’t think that’s possible when you’re a killer and have so many against you already instead

Why have you taken so many lives?

So many more you could even imagine

The only friends you have are those who know why you’ve come

Those who know the end time story

And Jesus who is friends with all

You’re the plague that takes hold of the world

I see you’re plan

It’s working perfectly

I never would have chosen that path myself with all evil

But yes I see I dead you’re doing the job

Thousands by millions have turned again to their faith

From fear and looking for answers in the wake of you

I won’t ask why you have come because I already have and idea

But if your looking for friends you definitely won’t find them here

Question remains what we all believe

are you the plaque of the end of the last days?

Or are you only the beginning of new era of what illnesses will now be like?

What they will become as we close in?

In hopes of the last days

You’ve torn so many families apart and yet you still continue to try

You’re working for God and Satan the same

For God you’ve shown your evil, vicious face as he claimed

While for Satan he fills you with evil temptation

Were you looking for friends you’d never succeed

But looking for publicity, celebrity and fame

You get the reward of the nation from each country and state

Will there be a day when you turn and walk away or is this just really the beginning of the end of the coming day

Well I don’t know for sure

Though I know you can’t respond

This dear COVID mr. 19 is where our faith comes in

They look for answers and turn their hardest to faith and knowledge and prayer

In hope that God will soon answer what you can not

Where they walk in comfort from all the pain and heartbreak that you have so eagerly caused

Yet this was your plan to come in with a bang to wake people up to the truth they now face

To find their lost spirit in times so tried

God will be our guide you can not take the lead no matter how hard you try

Maybe not everyone will believe

Though eventually you will soon see the faces of those who believe and see you as a tiny pebble when you think you’re just all big and bad

Each stepping stone closer to answers of your unknown and into returning to faith

So COVID if you’re looking for friends you better walk away or take a new apron here because you’ve lost everyone today

You’ve guided lost souls back to God and reviving their faith but you’re not a friend no one will take you home for a visit as you wish

Also celebrity life and publicity is not good company either so I guess you picked that well.

You in yourself are a sent lost soul

I still will have faith and believe that this is the plague no one has ever seen, the coming of the end times I bet when you were given this challenge you never even knew

We’re your biggest fans but not for what you stand for

But for the Faith we believe of the times we all are living in for the coming end

So my advice dear COVID if you want a friend stop doing your working for Satan and listen more to God to do good instead

Well I know yea God has sent you

But you’ve hurt so many instead

I will walk in my faith as I run from you

Though honestly running will get me nowhere and I could be your next victim

But if that it way so be it

At least I came more closer to God and I know the truth of who you really are

Calling 911 can’t even guarantee your fate and you lead for who you are you are very strong

God bless all from the works of Covid-19 who may live with you or even next door

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